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For your convenience, we’ve gathered a glossary of common industry terms in one location.

Outside Diameter (O.D.)

Measurement of the diameter of a pipe

Pipe Ram

Component of a Blowout Preventor that is used to create a seal between well bore and the string

Power Pack

System that provides hydraulic power to the coiled tubing unit

Pressure Control Equipment

Equipment that helps maintain the pressure of a wellbore during well intervention

Primary Barrier

The initial barrier for containing pressure.  It is normally closed. An example of a primary barrier is a Stripper or Packer

Secondary Barrier

Normally open, this is activated when the primary barrier fails.

Pull Out Of the Hole (POOH)

Removal of coiled tubing string out from the wellbore

Run In Hole (RIH)

Process of running coiled tubing string into the wellbore

Shear Ram

Usually used as a last line of defense in pressure control, Shear Ram cuts the string in order for the blowout preventor to be closed completely to seal the wellbore

Slip Ram

Component of a Blowout Preventor that is used to close on to string to restrict any axial movement. It is most commonly activated when a kick or blowout occors.


Global Tubing’s patented coiled tubing technology which eliminates bias-weld fatigue spikes for longer running lengths.  SMARTaper increases horizontal reach and adds strength in high-fatigue zones while managing the overall weight of the coiled tubing strings.


Equipment that is used to store, transport, and operate the coiled tubing string during a coiled tubing job

String Design

Essential part of the coiled tubing manufacturing process which dictates the life of the coiled tubing and to maximize productivity


Used to seal or contain well pressure or fluids during workover or intervention operations

Total Depth

Vertical length of well from surface to the end

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)

Arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsteen electrode to produce a weld

Ultrasonic Thickness (UT)

Measuring equipment that uses ultrasonic waves to calculate the strings thickness

Wall Thickness

Measurement between interior diameter and outside diameter.

Well Intervention

Operation performed on an oil or gas well in all cycles of its production life.


Compontent of an oil or gas well that provides the production well pressure control


The use of electric cables that are lowered into a well to perform various interventions such as logging, perforating, plug placement, etc.

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