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Custom Engineered String Designs 

Coiled tubing designs may be engineered and optimized for the service intended. Frequently an engineering review of the tubing design will yield an opportunity to modify the existing design with a focus on higher performance and increased tubing fatigue life. In an effort to provide superior customer service, Global Tubing offers a custom string engineering and design service. Customers provide pertinent such as well information, tubing operations, and logistics parameters, then through a collaborative process, Global Tubing’s Engineering Team develops a tubing design option to help the coiled tubing contractor optimize the performance of the string. The primary advantage to Global string designs is the opportunity to use our proprietary taper designs; Continuous and SMARTapers. Proper application of these tapers in the designs help to maximize horizontal reach, manage overall tubing weight, satisfy requirements for high-pressure environments, and enable enhanced service life.  Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more about this unique service.